Bachelor in Paradise‘s JJ Lane finally redeems himself

JJ Lane seems to take pride in his villain status, but during the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise, he transformed into a good guy. As of a few months ago, nobody thought this was possible!

One of the most interesting things about the current season of Bachelor in Paradise is how easy it is for a cast member to go from good guy to villain and vice versa. Nobody took issue with Joe Bailey on The Bachelorette and now everybody hates him due to his terrible treatment of Juelia Kinney. Conversely, JJ was one of the biggest villains of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette, but now fans claim that he’s not so bad after all. What gives?

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JJ is no longer a villain

JJ once claimed that a villain’s gotta vill, but what in the world will he do now that he’s no longer a villain? That honor now goes to Joe, who is believed to have used Juelia so that he could meet Samantha — whom he allegedly contacted before he showed up in Paradise.

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At first, it looked like JJ had merely passed on the villain torch while still remaining fairly unlikable. That changed during tonight’s episode, as JJ went out of his way to confront Joe about his awful behavior. This was thoroughly unexpected, but also a breath of fresh air. Maybe JJ’s not so bad after all.

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JJ shocks haters by doing the right thing

Everybody is still in shock about JJ’s unforeseen sense of decency. The Twitterverse had plenty to say about the reality star, with several former haters admitting that they were pleasantly surprised about his willingness to stand up for Juelia. Interestingly enough, the most vocal fans are some of Bachelor Nation’s biggest stars.

One viewer, however, was not all that surprised about JJ’s spat with Joe: Nick Viall. Having also been labeled a villain, Nick knows how quickly one can go from good guy to villain and the other way around.

Jared (who, fortunately, is as charming as ever), summed it up best when he asked, “What planet am I on?” He added that, like fans, he never expected to like JJ better than Joe. It just goes to show that, in Paradise, just about anything can happen!

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