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Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar’s congratulatory video to the Bateses misses the mark

The Duggars found themselves back in front of the camera over the weekend, but it wasn’t for a reality show — it was to congratulate their friend (and fellow reality TV star) Michaella Bates and her new husband on their wedding.

Now, I get it, Jim Bob and Michelle are used to being on a show all about them and their family, talking about themselves. But one of the cardinal rules of someone else’s wedding is do not, above all else, steal the spotlight or make it about you and not about the bride and groom.

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On the Duggar family’s website, the three most notable (besides, of course, the now-reclusive Josh Duggar) couples posted videos of congratulations and well wishes to the happy couple.

And while I completely understand they meant well and what Jim Bob and Michelle say isn’t bad, they just had to go one step further and bring it back to themselves, ultimately ruining what started out as a perfectly lovely congrats.

Michelle says, “It was the most amazing, precious memory. They are such a sweet couple and you can see the love they have for each other… and we are so excited for their marriage.”

Then Jim Bob goes and ruins it.

“You know, it seems like yesterday, Michelle, you and I got married. Thirty-one years ago, and you know what, our love has just grown closer and closer each year.”

They were doing so good!

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It is perfectly valid for the matriarch and patriarch of a large brood to offer pearls of wisdom from their years of marriage, but they completely missed the mark on their delivery. Marriage advice: Yes. Talking about their actual wedding: No. Just watch for yourself.
Maybe they should take a few pointers from their two daughters on how it’s done, because they hit it out of the park.

Ben Seewald tells them they had a gorgeous wedding. Jessa tells them how wonderful married life is and Ben wraps by saying, “Let’s go on a double date sometime soon.” Jessa hits the nail on the head: Congrats, marriage is awesome, this is your day, done. Jill and Derek are short and sweet, keeping it to a whopping eight seconds and only saying congratulations and that they are happy for the newlyweds.
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Did the Duggar parents make it all about them? Or were they just offering sage advice they have picked up through years of wedded bliss? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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