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Elton John is suing French media outlets for one good reason

When it comes to his private life, Elton John does not appreciate rumours and rightfully so.

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The “Rocket Man” hitmaker and his husband David Furnish are reportedly taking legal action against three French publications for their “unfounded rumours” about his health, his French lawyer, Vincent Toledano, revealed.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Toledano said, “Sir Elton John and David Furnish have instructed my office to pursue through the justice system the violation of the right to respect for their private life due to the publishing by, and VSD of unfounded rumours about their Isic) health.”

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Toledano continued, explaining that the couple, “will no longer tolerate the violation of their privacy and the exploitation of their renown and their image for commercial ends in France.”

The rumours in question began earlier this month after the songwriter was admitted to hospital in Monaco for treatment to his leg, which had swelled up during a tennis match. According to the Daily Mail, Sir Elton was transported from his home in Nice, France and treated in a top private hospital in Monaco after doctors discovered he had an abscess on his thigh, which was swollen and extremely painful.

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What exactly the French tabloids claimed is unclear but was obviously harmful if it was enough to warrant a lawsuit. Or maybe Sir Elton and Mr. Furnish have just had enough of the media spinning stories and creating lies — and who can blame them. Regardless of the reason, action against the publications will be issued on Monday at a court in Nanterre, in the Paris suburbs, The Guardian reports.

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