The Fosters: Maia Mitchell weighs in on the future of Brallie

The Fosters‘ summer finale came and went in a flash. To a certain extent, we even got what we wanted. But what’s ahead for Brandon and Callie? Maia Mitchell has high hopes.

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We caught up with Maia Mitchell before the finale to talk about what’s ahead and what her hopes for Callie’s future are. The questions we tossed around most, as fans, this season were whether Callie and Brandon should be together and who/what Callie would choose for her life. Were her feelings for Brandon real? Or was he just a pleasant escape from the craziness of her life?

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“I think she really does have true feelings for him. They have a connection that she’s never had with anyone. He’s kind of the one she really trusts, who has been really there for her,” she said. “Obviously, the moms have been there, too. That’s why she’s been so conflicted by it. But she’s a teenager. She’s a 16-year-old girl. I guess she’s very mature for her age because she’s been through a lot… but she’s also a teenage girl who is in love with a boy. And there’s a lot to be said for that. I think he, when things go bad and turn awry, is kind of a beacon of light.”

So, is she really in love?

“I think she’s in love with him. I think they’re both really in love, whatever that means for a 16-year-old; whether they’ll feel the same way about each other when they’re in their twenties or thirties, I don’t know. But 16-year-old Callie and 16-year-old Brandon — or, I guess, 17 now — definitely are hopelessly in love. And have been, I think, since they met.”

Of course, the follow-up question is who would Mitchell choose? Callie has had two significant relationships this half-season — one with AJ and one with Brandon. Who would Mitchell like to see Callie end up with?

“I’ve been kind of mad at Brandon this season, if I can be honest,” she admitted. “I think he’s been acting ignorantly. He’s been frustrating and competitive and I found myself yelling at the TV screen at Brandon. So, honestly, if I were to pick for Callie, I’d pick Brandon because she’s in love with him and he’s good for her, I think. But as far as me, I’d go for AJ, for sure. I think Brandon has a lot of growing up to do.”

We think they both have growing up to do — and we can’t wait to see it in the next half of the season.

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