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Sadie Frost’s comments about ageing are honest and inspiring

Sadie Frost celebrated her 50th birthday on June 19 and she’s living proof that with age comes wisdom — but, more importantly, with age also comes self-acceptance.

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Speaking during an interview with The Telegraph Frost revealed that she has embraced the ageing process (despite the occasional derogatory comment).

“It’s funny that you get to this age that is symbolic, that looks old, but I just don’t [feel it]… I find that the odd trainer at the gym can be quite derogatory about women. They’ll say, ‘What does it feel like to be 50? Don’t most men like younger women?’ That kind of stuff,” she said.

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It’s no secret that society creates unnecessary pressure for older women and the ageism against women in Hollywood — or any profession for that matter — is atrocious and well documented. When a woman passes a certain age she can be made to feel as though her worth has expired but Frost says society couldn’t be more wrong, because she feels far more complete now than she ever has.

“But do you know something? I can do everything that I did in my 20s — but better. Everything. If you’re talking about running up a hill, or writing something that’s meaningful, engaging in something. I’m more mindful of other people. Everything is more complete.”

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In the interview no topic was left untouched and the Set the Thames on Fire actress was also asked about how sex now differed from her youth.

“Yeah of course. I mean I can’t complain about that either,” she confessed.

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