Bachelor in Paradise shows Joe for who he really is – a shallow hypocrite

Aug 16, 2015 at 10:34 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Everybody already hated Joe Bailey last week, but the Joe hate grew far stronger after he made it obvious that he and Samantha Steffen got in touch before meeting in Paradise. That wouldn't be such a big deal — except Joe attacked Nick Viall for chatting with Kaitlyn Bristowe before The Bachelorette. Talk about hypocrisy!

The new Nick Viall?

The world really doesn't need another reason to hate Joe Bailey. After all, he made fun of poor Juelia Kinney's kissing and intelligence. But Joe became even more of a villain during tonight's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, as fans of the show quickly learned that he has way more in common with Nick Viall than he cares to admit.

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The big difference between Joe and Nick? Fans of Bachelor Nation hate Joe way more — to the point that he is nearly as much a victim of cyberbullying as Kaitlyn. Then again, he's no angel, so he shouldn't be surprised by the current vitriol on Twitter.

Definitely in denial

Although many stars from Bachelor Nation have been lucky enough to immediately have sparks fly with their fellow reality stars (ahem, Kaitlyn and Shawn), it's pretty easy to tell when a prior relationship is in play. Based on Joe's awkward response to Jared's questions about his relationship with Samantha, it's obvious that he has something to hide. Not to mention, Joe told Tanner Tolbert that he talked to Samantha before becoming the top villain on Bachelor in Paradise.

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At least Nick managed to be honest about his prior relationship with Kaitlyn. Joe's perfectly happy to be honest when he's accusing Juelia of being a bad kisser, but honesty evidently doesn't matter when he feels the need to save face in front of the guys.

Everybody hates Joe — even Samantha

A ton of people have expressed their extreme dislike of Joe Bailey on Twitter, including multiple alums from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. This week, Joe's haters are all talking about his hardcore hypocrisy. And Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite Michelle Money is joining in on the fun!


Interestingly enough, Samantha also has plenty to say about her alleged pre-Bachelor in Paradise spark with Joe. She even crafted a clever poem and shared it on Twitter.


Does this mean that Samantha and Joe are already toast? Fans sure hope that the answer is a resounding yes!

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Do you think Joe Bailey chatted up Samantha Steffen before he was on Bachelor in Paradise? Does that make him a huge hypocrite? Join the conversation and share your opinion below!