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J.K. Rowling gives a fan touching advice on Twitter

If you aren’t following J.K. Rowling on Twitter yet you only have yourself to blame. The author is our top celebrity tweeter, primarily because she really engages with her followers.

Surprise Harry Potter confessions make Rowling Twitter gold for all fans, but what we really love about her social media action is that she regularly reaches out to those who could do with a bit of J.K. love.

Proving that she not only reads her Twitter feed — so many celebrities clearly just tweet and then luxuriate in the knowledge of thousands of RTs — but actually takes the time to show she cares.

The 50-year-old writer’s latest act of Twitter awesomeness took place over the weekend, when she replied to a fan who hopes to follow in her footsteps.

“You inspired me to write,” wrote the Twitter user. “However, in Egypt, girls can’t do anything as freely as boys. They laugh at me when I say I am a writer.”
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“Don’t you dare let their laughter extinguish your ambition,” Rowling replied. “Turn it into fuel! Big hugs from one writer to another x.”

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Within hours the post had been shared thousands of times and other Twitter users also sent the aspiring writer encouraging messages.

“Shout out from Egypt as well!” a man named Alaa A. Rahman wrote. “A lot of us are like you trying to find their place as writers in our society.”

The young woman replied, “Egypt, maybe I should say Egypt’s ignorant people, had discouraged us for so many years. It’s time to stand up.”
She continued to receive messages of positivity over the weekend and was clearly boosted by the feedback. “Thanks for the support! I will ignore the haters because you guys gave me my spirit back! I Wish the best for you,” she tweeted.

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