Bring It's Crystianna needs to stop playing it safe

Aug 15, 2015 at 12:05 a.m. ET
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MaKalah may not be the most refined of the gals on Bring It, but she brings plenty of natural dance talent to the table. Could she be the future of the Dancing Dolls?

The ladies of Bring It could stand to learn a thing or two from Abby Lee Miller, who constantly warns her students that it's tough to get to the top of the infamous Dance Moms pyramid — and that it's far more difficult to stay there. If Bring It also had a pyramid (fortunately, it doesn't), Crystianna would, at one point, have been at the very top. After all, she's an established performer with an impressive track record. But she arguably gave up that top spot during tonight's episode of Bring It, when she failed to emerge from her comfort zone.

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MaKalah's risk-taking pays off

MaKalah may be young, but she brings plenty of raw talent to the table. Instead of playing it safe, she decided to give it her all during her dance-off. She definitely took a risk with her unorthodox moves, but it paid off — she became the new golden girl!

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Crystianna versus MaKalah

Fans of Bring It are split pretty evenly among Team Crystianna and Team MaKalah. Many agree that Crystianna needs to kick it up a notch; others are willing to acknowledge the dancer's talent while also pointing out that MaKalah is a real threat. These Twitter followers are especially pro-MaKalah:


A few members of Team Crystianna have been quick to highlight the team's loss, but that's not necessarily MaKalah's fault. If anything, MaKalah's efforts to freshen the team up a bit gave the Dancing Dolls a better chance. Ultimately, however, they were outclassed, as they would have been with anybody else in charge.

Regardless of whether MaKalah was to blame for the Dancing Dolls' loss, it's obvious that her advanced skills and willingness to take risks makes the others uncomfortable — and, thus, eager to put in a little more effort to prove that they can bring just as much to the table. Crystianna obviously knows what she's doing, but when you're on top, it's easy to get too comfortable. Hopefully, MaKalah's impressive performance will serve as the kick in the butt Crystianna needs to ensure that she remains a top Dancing Doll.

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