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The story behind Meredith Vieira’s black eye is funny, but still scary (VIDEO)

Friday morning’s Today show featured Meredith Vieira sitting in for Kathie Lee Gifford, who is still out after the tragic death of her husband.

And now Vieira is making headlines for her unusual accessory this morning. She was sporting a really painful-looking black eye.

She tried to cover up by wearing sunglasses for the fourth hour of the morning show, but finally revealed her reasoning for covering her face was her really bad shiner.

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Once revealed, I don’t think there was a person who saw it who didn’t wince. The story behind it is funny, but kinda scary, too. “If you’re going to laugh, I’m not going to tell you [what happened],” Vieira tried saying sternly, but she couldn’t hold back her own giggles before launching into the story.

“I had to go to the bathroom and I didn’t put the light on. And to get to the bathroom, you go through a little dressing room. And I had just come back form Los Angeles… and the suitcase is black and the room is black — it’s dark.”

She continued with the story, but we all knew what was coming next. She said, “So I go to the bathroom, and I forget my suitcase is there. And I fell over the suitcase, and I hit my head on the rim of the dressing room table.”

Vieira’s husband had a good laugh about it, too, and posted about it on his blog. He said, “I am the one in my house who has multiple sclerosis. I am the only one who is legally blind. I have limited depth perception and glance off doorways if I am not careful — and I am very cautious — because my lateral perception also is deficient. Yet I survive because I have learned self-preservation. I am married to a woman who has not.”

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He further joked about her lack of grace, saying, “Meredith is a klutz, like a drunken sailor on a bender who collides with stationary objects and is a danger to herself,” to which Vieira nodded in agreement and told more stories of her clumsiness.

While it is something we can all chuckle about now, knowing that Vieira is OK, things could have turned out very differently had she hit another part of her head or face. She said, “If it had been a little lower, something could have happened. Something really bad.”

We are glad she is OK and hope she recovers quickly!

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