Big Brother fans hurl insults at Steve for ridiculous eviction decisions

Big Brother was on fire tonight with a double eviction — and fans were surprised at every turn. Not only were viewers shocked at the first houseguest evicted, but they were even more shocked at who the new Head of Household put up for eviction!

The very surprising eviction

The first eviction came quickly on the double eviction episode of Big Brother. After all of Becky’s plans and all the smack talk this week, everyone thought that Vanessa would finally be walking out the door. Surprise! The house unanimously voted out Shelli. If #BB17 fans were shocked at that, they were even more shocked at what happened next.

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Big Brother Steve wins HOH

The Head of Household competition was one of those where the houseguests had to remember small details of videos they watched throughout the week and then answer true or false. It didn’t take long for Steve to win! Fans were shocked but were rooting for him, and everyone was sure that he would put up Becky and Vanessa. Of course he would, right?

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Steve’s extremely bad decisions may bite him in the behind

Wrong! Steve surprised everyone and put up Meg and Jackie. Twitter was on fire with comments from fans bashing Steve for his choices. They called him every name in the book. And everyone hoped that he had a big backdoor plan.

Johnny Mac won the veto and speculation remained. Would he use it on someone and let Steve put a plan in place to backdoor possibly Vanessa or Becky? Johnny Mac chose to keep the veto and let the nominations stay the same, which seemed to shock Steve. Steve mumbled an apology to both Meg and Jackie, said something along the lines of “I need a minute” and then proceeded to walk off-camera.

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Big Brother Jackie evicted

Images: CBS

The eviction meeting brought Meg to tears and had the houseguests saying goodbye to Jackie. It also left Twitter fans still wondering, “What the heck was Steve thinking?”

What do you think is next for Steve in the Big Brother house? Who do you think will win the next HOH, and who do you want to see nominated and sent out the door next? This should be a very interesting week!


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