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Awkward‘s Jillian Rose Reed reveals 10 things fans don’t know about her

Are you sitting down? Because we have something really exciting to announce: Jillian Rose Reed — yes, your favorite redhead from MTV’s hit show Awkward — will be doing a complete Twitter takeover on the SheKnows account during the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.

Before, during and after Teen Choice, Reed will be posting pictures, answering fan questions and giving our Twitter followers an inside look at what it’s really like to be a celebrity at an awards show. But before the fun starts, we wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know Reed a little more. Here are 10 awkward and awesome things you probably don’t know about the star.

1. Puberty really wasn’t that hard for her

While the early teen years can cause a lot of angst for some, Reed had a relatively easy experience, explaining, “I was a dancer and stayed really active. Hormonally I may have been a bit of a mess but I don’t remember it being that terrible.”

2. Her biggest fears involve really fast cars

Most new drivers roll their eyes when their parents tell them not to drive on the freeways, but Reed put that off as long as she could. “For years I was scared of driving on the freeway. Last month I actually had to face my fear! We were shooting Awkward in Malibu and I didn’t want to make the commute without taking the faster route, so I did it!”

3. She’s got a great team around her

Reed’s family members haven’t been the only huge mentors in her life, “[My manager and publicist] have both been the biggest influences in my life. They always look out for me and make sure I make the right moves.”

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4. She sometimes doubts herself, too

“I think my best characteristic is that I’m really optimistic and happy. I always try to find the best in every situation,” says Reed, “But my biggest insecurity is probably the age-old ‘am I good enough?’ question. In the industry I’m in, I think it’s really easy to compare yourself to others and wonder if you can ever be as good as they are. I don’t dwell on that, though; I work hard and I learn every chance that I get.”

5. She’s itching to play a strong female role

“I want to be a part of the movement showing strong women in the film and TV industry,” Reed told us. “Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the scenes, I want to make sure young girls know they can do this!”

6. Guys! She really does have feelings and the negative comments affect her

“The biggest misconception is that somehow ‘celebs’ like me don’t have feelings. Every Instagram comment or tweet that’s negative does get read. Yes, I am strong enough to see past that… but it doesn’t mean it should be happening!”

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7. She has a wonderful description for the “nerds” and “misfits” of the world

Reed thinks a nerd or misfit is “someone who dances to their own beat and who isn’t afraid to be him or herself. Those aren’t negative terms — they’re terms to describe people who know what they want.”

8. She struggled to make it in Hollywood

“The biggest [struggle] has been getting my foot in the door in regards to acting. I was auditioning for years before Awkward. Yes, I worked, but this was my big break,” admits Reed. “It took a long time to build relationships and learn everything I know now.”

9. She’s seen first-hand the lack of women (and respect for women) in film and TV

“I’ve been lucky not to experience anything too negative, but what I can say is that I tend to see people not thinking women have a voice,” says Reed. “Usually, from my experience, sets and crews are mostly made up of males. It can get kind of “boys clubby.” Sometimes it can be hard to establish working relationships that remain respectful but also get the job done.”

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10. She’s got big plans for the future

“I’m starting to write and produce,” Reed revealed. “So, I hope in the future to see something come of that. Hopefully that’s the next path I take!”

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