Kylie Jenner stole Kris Jenner's swimsuit: Who wore it best? (POLL)

Aug 13, 2015 at 6:31 p.m. ET
Image: Arnold Jerocki/News Pictures/

Kylie Jenner is celebrating an extended birthday in Mexico, and one beach outfit she wore looked a little too familiar to her mom.

Paparazzi caught Kylie walking the white sands in a hot pink Body Glove one-piece bathing suit, featuring legs cut up to there. If the swimsuit channels a major '80s vibe for you, there's a good reason: It's a vintage piece — and it came from a closet close to home.

Kris Jenner, who obviously spends lots of time reviewing the Google alerts she must have on each of her kids, spotted the pics and totally called Kylie out for stealing her look from back in the day!

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While Kylie has certainly been rocking her share of bikinis on her 18th birthday vacay, it looks like she chose the one-piece for a more active day of Jet Skiing.


But regardless, we're pretty impressed by the versatility and longevity of that bathing suit. Kylie and Kris have very different body types, but they both look fantastic in it.

The question is, though, who wore it best?

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