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Lamar Odom speaks out about the Khloé Kardashian ‘ambush’

Lamar Odom wants to set the record straight about what went down on Wednesday morning outside of SoulCycle when he and his ex, Khloé Kardashian, came face to face.

Contrary to media reports, in an outspoken rant to TMZ, Odom says he absolutely did not ambush Kardashian and that the meeting was, in fact, pre-planned.

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“I am not, not, not the person that they’re trying to make me out to be — whoever’s doing it. I live in Las Vegas. I live in Las Vegas!” Odom said in his defense. “So, was there an address or a place given? Was there an address or a place given? Or I just guessed right? Did I just guess right?”

He continued, “Did I just guess where this girl might be? You know I know Khloé, right? You know I know her, right? So how would you think I ended up there?”

“I would think there was some communication between you two,” the paparazzo concedes.

“OK, then,” Odom says. “It’s hard for me to keep my composure.”

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Speaking to the media, Odom said, “That’s it. Y’all beat me down, degraded me. You said I would do everything in the world. I’m a womanizer, a f***ing drug addict, everything. You know what I’m saying? I probably couldn’t even get f***ing hired by Home Depot right now because of how people look at me. It’s over!”

Kardashian reportedly refused to talk to Odom during the confrontation outside of SoulCycle and got into a car and left before the two could have a conversation. She has yet to speak out or try to set the record straight in any way, which also has Odom upset.

“I didn’t want to come up here,” Odom explained. “You know what I’m saying? Somebody should be calling up here saying, ‘Hell no that didn’t happen!’ You know what I’m saying? That is ridiculous!”

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Check out Odom’s entire paparazzo-fueled rant below.

Do you think the media got the run-in all wrong?

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