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Kerry Katona’s 12-year-old daughter puts snooty trolls in their place

Lilly-Sue McFadden, the 12-year-old daughter of Kerry Katona, has used her Twitter account to respond to residents in the family’s new neighbourhood after receiving a less-than-warm welcome.

When our kids start using social media there’s every chance they’ll see something we wish they hadn’t. Which may be how Kerry is feeling right now after Lilly-Sue read hurtful comments online concerning their move to the East Sussex town of Crowborough.

After local newspaper the Kent and Sussex Courier told residents that reality star Kerry, her husband George Kay and five children (Molly, 13, Lilly-Sue, 12, Heidi, eight, Max, seven and Dylan-Jorge, 16 months) had relocated to the area several locals posted negative remarks on the paper’s Facebook page.

“Great… that lowers the tone of Crowborough,” one commented.

“She will fit in with the inbreeds (sic),” another added, while a third wrote: “18 years in the area… time to move?’”

Another Facebook user wrote “Talk about going a long way on little talent” and another asked “who even is she?”

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Lilly-Sue didn’t just read the remarks; she took it upon herself to pen a response — an open letter that she posted on her Twitter page.

“I’m excited to meet you all,” said the schoolgirl. “Apart from a little hate going round.”

“Please remember everyone who is hiding behind screens typing hurtful words you are not just slagging of (sic) my mum but her children too!” she added.

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Kerry, 34, posted on her own Twitter account that she was “so proud” of Lilly-Sue’s letter in defence of her family. She then followed her daughter’s example, posting: “I may of done s lot of things wrong in my life but I know I’ve done one hell of a job bring my children up with respect. (sic)” 

Luckily not everyone who lives in Crowborough has demonstrated such narrow-minded snobbery towards Kerry and her family.

“You deserve a nice welcome pet x,” one wrote, while another said, “Ah, you’re close to me now I only work down the road! Can we be mates now? Good luck hun x.”

While it’s a shame Lilly-Sue, at 12, felt she had to take it upon herself to respond to the haters she did a damn good job of getting her point across succinctly, effectively and — as her famous mum points out — with respect. Let’s hope their new neighbours are kinder in person than they have been online.

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