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EXCLUSIVE: See which new track Luke Bryan likens to The Wallflowers

Unless you’ve been living under a soundproofed rock, you’re familiar with Luke Bryan’s special breed of country music swagger. And, like us, you anxiously await any new music from the twangy heartthrob.

So, in celebration of Bryan’s new album, Kill the Lights, we found seven new reasons to fangirl out — including an exclusive clip of the crooner opening up about one of his new tracks, “Just Over.”

1. He’s got nothing but love for Miranda and Blake

We’re all still reeling from the recent string of high-profile heartbreaks in country music, and Bryan is no exception. Proving just how genuine of a guy he is, though, he had this to say about Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s split: “In my life, I’ve dealt with a lot of permanent loss where you know you can’t get people back, and I just always pray — certainly in Blake and Miranda’s case — that they’ll be happy, you know, however, whatever shakes out.”

2. He channeled his inner Barry White on Jimmy Fallon

Is it hot in here, or is it just Luke Bryan? Listening to him perform “Strip It Down” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has us ready to, well, strip it down. With lyrics like “Let it out, tell me right now/Everything I need in them white cotton sheets/Dirty dance me slow in the summertime heat/Feel my belt turn loose from these old blue jeans,” this sultry single is the perfect track for winding down the summer.

3. He Smule’d with Jason Derulo

What happens when the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year joins forces with R&B star Jason Derulo? Apparently, magic. Bryan looped Derulo in for a duet of the latter’s single “Want to Want Me” via the highly addictive karaoke app Smule. And, you know what? Their Smule made us smile. Even when Bryan couldn’t quite hit the high notes, it made him all the more endearing. We particularly like the way he called Derulo’s range “filthy” — that’s a good thing, y’all.

4. He gushed over his wife

Despite the fact that we not so secretly wish he was hitched to us, hearing Bryan get sentimental about his bride, Caroline Boyer, kind of makes us go weak in the knees. Talking to Entertainment Tonight about the track “To the Moon and Back,” Bryan confessed, “I played it for my wife and I had butterflies, her hearing it for the first time, because it was my attempt through song telling her how much she means to me.” Say it with us — aw!

5. He’s a swooner over Lady Liberty, too

God love a man who loves the good ol’ U.S. of A. Bryan is proud to be an American, and that couldn’t have been clearer than when he let his patriotism get the best of him on Tuesday. Sharing a picture of the Statue of Liberty, Bryan tweeted, “Spiritual,” and, moments later, “Swear I couldn’t not cry. Amazing feeling.”

6. He serenaded Lionel Richie (yes, Lionel Richie)

As part of the social media storm to promote his new album, Bryan teamed up with Target on a project called #LukeBox, whereby fans could request a personalized song from the country superstar. As you might expect, there was no shortage of submissions — including the celebrity kind! In response to his CMT Artists of the Year duet partner Lionel Richie, Bryan churned out some lyrics about “sweatin’ just thinkin’ about duetin'” with the iconic entertainer-slash-country-fan.

7. And, finally, he revealed he’s a Jakob Dylan fan

Anyone who can reference The Wallflowers in casual conversation is a winner in our book. Check out this exclusive clip of Bryan talking about his new track, “Just Over”!

Purchase Luke’s new album, Kill the Lights, here.

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