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Chrissy Teigen shuts down eating disorder claims with one perfect tweet

Chrissy Teigen was recently profiled by Delish regarding her daily food intake.

During the interview, the quirky supermodel revealed that she likes to “lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag. You still get all the flavor, not all the carbs!”

Of course, the Internet took that as evidence she was not only advocating poor eating habits but also promoting eating disorders. And Teigen is not one to take unwarranted flak lying down.

She shut down the haters with a few perfect, sharp-witted tweets.

She said, “I can’t believe I have to address this but my quote about licking the seasoning off doritos [sic] isn’t ‘promoting eating disorders’ it’s a hobby.”

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Everyone knows Teigen is not only a very large advocate for eating, but that she basically doesn’t hold back when it comes to her tweets (seriously, you should follow her — it’s hilarious). She followed up her first tweet with a stream of tweets that further bolstered her as not only a badass but also my new hero, saying exactly what I usually want to say to most Twitter “idiots.”

She said, “I wasn’t honestly saying licking the seasoning off doritos [sic] is my idea of diet, you morons.” She also said, “It was in the context of ‘it’s a gross thing i do and i am disgusting but hey it’s low carb HA HA’ man social media you are the death of me [sic]!”

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The supermodel has in the past revealed that she eats fast food several times a week because “there’s something about LA, with the drive-thru — it’s too easy.” She has also in the past stated that she needs to work on keeping the figure she has because her family is not naturally thin and they put on weight quickly (I hear ya, sister).

I love, love, love Teigen’s no-holds-barred sassy-pants responses. And, Twitter: Just pipe down before Chrissy needs to let you have it again.

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