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3 New Bill Cosby accusers step forward to tell their horrifying stories

Three women are joining the lawsuit against Bill Cosby, and their stories will sicken you.

The alleged victims of sexual assault and/or harassment at the hands of Cosby, all represented by Gloria Allred, agreed that they came forward after so much time had elapsed in order to assure victims that it is never too late to tell their stories — and those stories are disgusting.

At a press conference, former actress Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer said she was allegedly assaulted by Cosby during an audition. “When Cosby was done, there was a horrible mess of semen all over my face. I bordered on vomiting,” she said. “He was mumbling that I had been blessed with his semen as if it was holy water.”

Former flight attendant Colleen Hughes claims that Cosby drugged her during a lunch date, and when she woke up hours later, she realized she had been sexually assaulted.

“I was shocked. I didn’t know how I had lost so much time. My clothes were thrown all over the room and I felt semen on the small of my back and all over me,” she said.

Seeing him on a flight a year later, “I told him, ‘You already had me once and I don’t want to be drugged again.'”

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Former actress Eden Tirl, who appeared on the fifth season of The Cosby Show as a police officer, claims Cosby sexually harassed her on the set when they were left alone in a room together. “I never came forward in 1989,” she said. “I knew that I had been sexually harassed, I knew I should say something.”

So why step forward now? The three women say they were inspired by the empty chair on the cover of New York Magazine‘s issue detailing the accusations of 35 of Cosby’s 46 accusers.

“Today that empty chair is filled by three new women, who alleged that they were victimized by Mr. Cosby,” Allred said.

Whitedeer added, “It is my turn to take the empty chair that I saw on the cover because I was assaulted in the chair in a job interview and I was not drugged.”

Cosby has been ordered to give a deposition in a civil lawsuit based on the alleged assaults of other women, whom Allred also represents.

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