Details about PLL‘s flash-forward are even worse than the actual A reveal

Pretty Little Liars definitely needs a new start after that Season 6 midsummer finale last night. But this whole flash-forward is looking like it’s less and less the promising answer we’d hoped.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you did not watch the mid-season finale of PLL last night and don’t want all the dirt, do not continue reading.

So PLL basically spent an hour word-vomiting about how CeCe Drake is Über A aka Charles aka Charlotte aka Alison’s long-lost transgender sister. No, it isn’t the CeCe story line we have a problem with — it’s the fact that it was so blatantly obvious that the show didn’t weave together all of the A pieces until the last minute that it was painful. There are too many things that just didn’t make sense in the episode that our heads are still spinning from the letdown. Not to mention the fact that CeCe Drake has been featured in all of 13 episodes in the entire series of PLL, so for her to suddenly be Über A, some character we should feel invested in, just felt contrived and rushed.

But, I digress.

Because now is not the time to look in the past. The show’s big A reveal has aired and, after six seasons of waiting, it is what it is.

We were hoping to now look to the future for the show’s big five-year time jump in eager anticipation that this time, they would get the mystery and the character development right.

Unfortunately, based on all of the clues we have so far, it really isn’t looking promising.

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Here is the ridiculousness we know so far, thanks to interviews with I. Marlene King and the sneak peek that aired at the end of the Season 6 summer finale.

1. Ezra will have a mustache

Whose idea was that? I mean, some scruff we could get behind, but a creeper ‘stache? He was already stalking these underage girls for “research.” The show really doesn’t need to continue with the perv signals.

2. Alison is married

But not to anyone we’ve ever met before. *Sigh* Bring on yet another barrage of new, meaningless characters.

3. There’s a new evil “he” in town

The girls run into Alison’s classroom at the end of Season 6A, claiming they’ve come to rescue her from this mysterious “he” that’s after her. But with all the gender reversal — and the fact that A went from being a tall guy in a mask when s/he met Spencer…

PLL Charles GIFImage: ABC Family/

…to a girl with boobs by the time she took off the mask with Ali — can we really trust the pronouns?

4. Alison forgives CeCe

Just like that, Ali decides to stay in Rosewood to give CeCe the family she never had. Uh, what about all the times she tried to kill the liars? What about all the horrible, torturous games, not to mention she kept them locked in a creepy fun house against their will? Nope, all that was brushed under the rug, and now it’s only love. Forgiveness is a good lesson. Becoming BFFs with your psycho sister because she only wanted love the whole time? Not cool.

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5. Hanna is engaged, but it might not be to Caleb

If it’s not Caleb, I officially quit. #Haleb for life. Without them, I. Can. Not.

6. Emily’s college experience was a bummer

After everything Emily went through to get into college, she can be seen telling Toby that it “isn’t what I thought it was going to be.” Um, college was the best four years of my life. And the show had definitely better not be selling that experience short. Kids, stay in school.

7. The new villain has a connection to the past

I thought we were done with the past. We’d really like to leave that finale in the past. If this big bad is shown in a black hoodie, sending texts to the girls, it will officially be the most failed revamp of a show ever.

PLL Charles Reveal
Image: ABC Family/

Despite all these red flags, thanks to the ratings, there’s no backing out now for the show. They’re invested at least until Season 7.

So the question is: Will you be suffering through the flash-forward story line or was that CeCe reveal more than enough disappointment to handle in one series?