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Does Ben Affleck’s recent transaction confirm his relationship with the nanny?

Ben Affleck has been the target of cheating rumors ever since he and Jennifer Garner announced their split, but they may just be getting out of hand.

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Most recently, the rumors will not let it rest that Affleck had an affair with the family’s former nanny, Christine Ouzounian. Especially given that Affleck reportedly put her up at a fancy suite at the Hotel Bel-Air and is now paying for a luxury apartment for her.

But there could be an extremely logical explanation for why Affleck might be currently paying for her living expenses.

Whether Ouzounian slept with Affleck or not, it’s in Affleck’s best interest to keep Ouzounian on his side, meaning either he’s paying to keep her quiet or the paparazzi are paying her to spill whatever secrets she may know. Not that she probably has that option. No doubt, she signed a confidentiality agreement when she began working for the family. But she’s still not someone the family wants to risk spurning currently, given all the attention she’s getting.

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But it also might not be selfish reasons that the Affleck/Garner clan is putting Ouzounian up at fancy hotels and now in a luxury $10,000 a month apartment. They might just feel responsible for dragging her name through the tabloids and are attempting to do right by her by making sure she is taken care of and out of the spotlight until all the craziness dies down.

Furthermore, there still hasn’t been any proof that Affleck is actually paying for Ouzounian’s living expenses. Affleck’s rep continues to vehemently deny the accusations. But it does seem pretty suspicious that someone on a nanny’s salary could afford a suite at the Hotel Bel-Air and a $10,000 dollar a month apartment. But she’s their former nanny, meaning it’s unclear what she’s currently doing for employment.

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All in all, it’s one thing to discuss the possibility of rumors and it’s another entirely to jump to conclusions. Even if Affleck is paying for Ouzounian’s expenses, it doesn’t mean he’s cheating. Of course, with the way Affleck and Ouzounian’s privacy is being invaded at every turn right now, the truth about their relationship — whether it’s simply business or definitely romance — is bound to come out eventually.

Until then, it’s important not to make assumptions based on articles that are spun to make things sound worse than they might actually be.

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