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Bethenny Frankel says she’s sleeping with Eric Stonestreet (VIDEO)

Bethenny Frankel and Eric Stonestreet might just be our favorite new couple of the summer. Not just because of how imperfectly perfect they seem for each other, but because it provides for endless entertainment with all of Frankel’s coy responses about the rumors.

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Most recently, Frankel appeared on Watch What Happens Live and a caller couldn’t help but ask her to confirm or deny that she’s dating the Modern Family actor.

Frankel has clearly gotten this question before, because she quickly and easily replied, “Eric Stonestreet and I are friends, he’s an awesome guy. I don’t confirm or deny dating rumors, and that’s what I’m saying [about it].”

But she added, “And we’re sleeping together tonight.”

Of course, she was joking… but was she really?

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Multiple sources are confirming that the duo is, indeed, hooking up. But Frankel famously is a fan of keeping multiple men burning on her metaphorical stove.

Radar Online is also reporting that Frankel is cautiously entering into new relationships, especially given her divorce and her daughter.

“It’s not at the serious stage,” a source reports, “and the major reason is because of Bethenny’s divorce. Under the terms of Bethenny and Jason Hoppy’s custody agreement, they are both required to live in the New York City area for their daughter, Bryn.”

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Frankel is also apparently very protective of her daughter. “Bethenny is careful not to introduce boyfriends to Bryn until she is sure that it’s going to be a serious relationship,” the source continued. “She never wants it to become a revolving door [of] men coming through Bryn’s life.”

Check out Frankel’s full answer to the Stonestreet dating question below.

Do you think Frankel and Stonestreet are a match made in Hollywood heaven?

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