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Pretty Little Liars finale: 59 Questions left unanswered after the A reveal

The #SummerOfAnswers is over, and we’ve come #FaceToFace with the fact that #CeCeIsA.

Like seemingly every Pretty Little Liars, it’s leaving a lot of fans divided. Last night, we learned that A started life as Charles DiLaurentis, then became Charlotte, and then CeCe and then A, after taking over the game from Mona in Radley.

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Personally, I have to say I really enjoyed this episode, in particular, the captivating performance by Vanessa Ray. It was a risky story line, certainly, and one I’m surprised they went with; but I don’t think it was handled disrespectfully, and hopefully it will inspire conversation about social issues and some of the difficulties that trans people deal with on a daily basis. As with everything on this teenage mystery show, the real villain here is a patriarchal society that’s obsessed with control of young women and their bodies.

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Charles DiLaurentis PLL finale

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Now, we know the five-year time jump is coming, which is exciting, and we’ve got a few months to let some questions stew….

  • How will the Liars reconcile their newfound sympathy for Charlotte and her story with their hatred toward A and the torment they’ve suffered?
  • Were you shocked by the CeCe reveal?
  • Did you feel sympathy for her story after the reveal of “Why?” and not just “Who?”
  • Did the Liars really watch her confession on a big-screen hologram TV operated by a giant Star Trek remote control in a secret room that had its own secret room?
  • Why did CeCe give Hanna the scholarship?
  • We get that Rhys was just a DiLaurentis look-alike, hired by CeCe as a decoy, but why did he show up at the DiLaurentis house the night of the prom?
  • Do all proms or formal dances in Rosewood have intricate maze areas, complete with secret passageways?
  • Did the PLL moms ever escape from the DiLaurentis dungeon of repression and secrets? (According to People, King says yes, they’re out: “That was really a time permitting thing, I wish we could have shown them getting out, but we will see them healthy and not still locked in the basement five years later.”)

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  • Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? (According to King, “That is still a mystery. That’s the one thing we don’t solve when we give you all the [other] answers. But Charlotte buried Mrs. D,” she says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.)
  • And was it her husband, Kenneth?
  • Why did A blackmail Hanna’s mom? Just for fun, as part of the game?
  • Why was it necessary to drive a car through Emily’s family home?
  • Was all of A’s terror that was inflicted on the Liars just for twisted fun, rather than hate?
  • How much of the A business did Shana really do? Just the New York stuff?
  • Did CeCe and Jason actually ever kiss?

  • Did Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis ever wake up?
  • Will we ever see Peter Hastings again? Will he return, have a glass of scotch with Kenneth? DiLaurentis, and then maybe tell him what a piece of crap he is?
  • Was CeCe the one who tried to kill Jason with an elevator at Kenneth’s office building in Season 3? (According to King, it was Charlotte! “When Charlotte gets mad, she sometimes acts out in very strong and harsh ways. I don’t think the intention was to kill Jason. It was definitely an impulsive act of revenge.”)
  • We know Rosewood High is kind of a screwed up school, sure, but is it really that easy to get your picture in the yearbook and to become prom queen without even attending the school?
  • Was the fact that this night of reveals happened on prom meant to be a clue to A’s identity since CeCe was the prom queen at Rosewood high years earlier? (And which was also subtly referenced in “Welcome to the Dollhouse.”)
  • Will we ever see Jason dealing with the ramifications of his relationship with CeCe?
  • Will we see Melissa, and maybe even Wren again, after the time jump? Will they still be dating?
  • Speaking of Wren, what do you think the “Drunkgate” guy thought of the reveal that Charlotte is A?
  • Was the CeCe/Charlotte story line really the master plan since the start of Season 3?
  • When did CeCe start playing the stock market and becoming the “Wolf of Wall Street,” and when exactly did she start the Carissimi Group?
  • Why did CeCe hate Jenna?
  • Whatever happened to Jenna’s eye surgery?
  • Will we see — no pun intended — Jenna after the time jump?

  • We get that Nate St. Germain/Lyndon James killed Maya; but after Emily killed him, why did A call her and say, “Emily, I owe you one”?
  • Did crooked cop Wilden really kill Garrett? (According to I. Marlene King, he did. “Garrett found out that Wilden was a dirty cop and was going to tell. [Wilden] was acting on his own,” she says.)
  • Did Ian really kill himself?
  • When CeCe was acting as a paid interviewee for Ezra’s book on Alison’s disappearance/murder, was she just doing that for disinformation and to find out how much Ezra actually knew?
  • Did CeCe really have a roommate whom she told how much she hated the “four she-devils” who were friends with Ali?
  • Or, when they say they were roommates, did they really mean… at Radley?
  • Who called the cops on CeCe at the end of Season 4?
  • Was it indeed CeCe/Charlotte that Mrs. D wrote that email to before she was killed, the one in which she said, “I can no longer protect you”?
  • Was CeCe also Varjack?
  • Does no one care that Mona just confessed to murder?

  • What will happen to Mona after that confession?
  • What more did Mona hear after the Liars left, and she stayed behind to listen to the rest of CeCe’s story?
  • In the flashback with Spencer’s mom, when Alison mentioned that “girls fight dirtier than boys,” was that a reference to anything to do with CeCe, or just another reminder of the scrappy adventures that Ali would sometimes find her way into?
  • Will we ever see any of Alison’s adventures on the road during the two years that she was supposedly dead?
  • How did Sara and CeCe meet? And why did she get involved with the A game and being Red Coat/Black Widow?
Sara Harvey PLL finale

Image: Tumblr
  • How old was Toby when his mom died? We know that PLL exists in a magical timeline fueled by dream logic, but weren’t he and Alison already teenagers in that flashback when his mom came to visit him in his room, and yet somehow Charles, who was Alison’s older brother, was younger when he witnessed Bethany kill Marion on the roof of Radley… right?
  • Here’s a fun one: Is CeCe a reliable narrator?
  • Will Toby and Lorenzo ever get their jobs back on the Rosewood police force?
  • Whose body was in the barrel? (According to King, “Charlotte stole a cadaver from a medical school.”)
  • Will we ever see Eddie Lamb again?
  • Will we ever see characters like Noel Kahn or Lucas or Sydney again?
  • In the flash forward to the Labor Day goodbye between the Liars before they all head off in their separate directions for college, they mention Sara getting out of the hospital soon. What happened to Sara that night?
  • We see that Alison has a new last name and profession after the time jump… Is she married now?

  • Are Hanna and Caleb married, and is there a bundle of joy on the way?
  • Who is the “he” that the Liars have come back to Rosewood to warn Alison about?
  • What will the dynamic be between the Liars and the men in their lives now that they’re legal adult women?
  • Did someone really turn Radley into a swanky hotel bar/lounge called “The Radley”?
  • Since CeCe seemingly surrendered to the Liars there on the rooftop at Radley in the end, pronouncing, “Game over,” what happened to her after that?
  • Is it possible we’ll see an incarcerated CeCe in the future, Hannibal-style?
  • Are the fans who are upset about this finale as upset as the fans who were upset about last season’s finale?
  • And what other new mysteries await us five years later?
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Image: Tumblr

What did you think of the reveal that CeCe was A in “Game Over, Charles,” and are you ready to go into the future at last with PLL? And, do you have the answers to any of the questions above, and we just missed it? Let us know in the comments below!

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