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Jessica Simpson is being sued, but there’s something odd about the lawsuit

Jessica Simpson has a very successful fashion company, but being on top of the game means having to deal with a lot of headaches.

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According to TMZ, the Employee of the Month actress has been slapped with a lawsuit because of the actions of her father, Joe Simpson. So what did Joe do that was so wrong?

He reportedly “stiffed” a man named Jeffrey Bowler out of a massive finder’s fee when Jessica sold off the majority stake in her company, The Jessica Simpson Collection. Bowler claims he and Joe had an agreement, and that he would receive a 10 percent finder’s fee if he managed to successfully find a buyer for the company. But this is going to be extremely hard for Bowler to prove because he says the deal was made 10 years ago over the phone — meaning he has no proof in writing.

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Then, in April 2015, when Jessica did sell a majority stake in the business for $120 million, Bowler claims he was the one who put Joe in touch with the buyer. He even arranged the meeting and helped close the deal, TMZ reports. Now Bowler wants his $12 million commission, which he claims the Simpson family owes him.

But TMZ notes something even more surprising about this lawsuit — the amount of money that Jessica’s company is reportedly worth. During the past few years, there have been multiple reports claiming Simpson owned a billion-dollar company — yet Bowler’s lawsuit contradicts that claim.

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A rep for Simpson told TMZ she “has never met Mr. Bowler nor has she ever had any dealings with him whatsoever.”

This case is truly puzzling.

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