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Serena Williams’ New York magazine interview is empowering and inspiring

Serena Williams has dominated the sporting world for years, and she’s proven herself countless times as a serious athlete — with three grand slams in the past six months — but still she has to contend with sexism.

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Williams graces the cover of New York magazine’s fall fashion issue, in which she shows off her athleticism and powerful body — silencing the haters who, in the past, have said she’s “built like a man.”

In a second picture, she dons a black dress and flaunts her curves. Williams looks incredibly chic in the spread, but as she is a fashion lover, that should not be surprising. In fact, she actually wanted to become a wedding dress designer before her tennis career took off and has launched an athletic wear line, Serena Williams Signature Statement, which sells exclusively on HSN.

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“That was my first real love,” she told the mag, “but then I was like, ‘Listen. I’m playing professional tennis. I’ll just do athletic wear.'”

“We brought fashion back to tennis,” she says of her and sister Venus’ clothing lines (Venus owns EleVen).

But the New York mag piece doesn’t only concentrate on how Williams has left her mark on the tennis world over the last decade and her love of clothing. It also tells how she has had to deal with sexism.

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In 2009, Williams swore at a lineswoman who called her foot fault, and the incident resulted in an $82,500 (roughly £52,945) fine. There’s no denying that her outburst was wrong and disrespectful, but would there have been the same reaction had it been a man who threw the tantrum? Probably not.

“I just think it was weird,” she told the magazine of the double standards that exist for men and women in the sport. “I just really thought that was strange. You have people who made a career out of yelling at line judges. And a woman does it, and it’s like a big problem. But, you know, hey.”

She’s a powerful woman who is ready to call out the injustices as she sees them, and we think the world needs more women like Serena Williams to inspire greatness.

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