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Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee hit an all-time low encouraging shameful behavior

After losing to Jeanette’s dance studio, Abby Lee Miller told her students to leave an awards ceremony at Nationals. She insists that the competition results were unfair, but this behavior is still inexcusable.

It’s no secret that Abby Lee Miller is an in-your-face winner and a sore loser, but she took this unfortunate tendency to a new extreme during the latest episode of Dance Moms. Accustomed to winning at Nationals, the dance teacher was shocked when her soloists and group number didn’t earn first place — and she automatically assumed that foul play was to blame! Regardless of whether the competition was rigged, Abby should not have told her dancers to leave. That’s unsportsmanlike conduct at its worst.

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ALDC sore losers

Was the competition to blame?

Abby remains convinced that something fishy was going on at Nationals. The guy responsible for handing out the awards certainly didn’t seem to know what he was doing, but then again, the person charged with this task rarely is in the know. Perhaps worse was the miscategorization of Kalani’s dance as a duet. But again, this could just be the sign of a disorganized competition, as opposed to one intent on making the ALDC lose.

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According to Abby, the ultimate proof of foul play is her team’s failure to win first place, despite their amazing dance. But what Abby seems to forget is that, while good technique and a clean dance are important, results ultimately come down to judges’ preferences. This is the frustrating thing about dance as compared to other sports, but it’s a reality that dancers and their teachers need to accept, ideally without embarrassing themselves and throwing temper tantrums.

Inexcusable behavior

Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter whether the competition was rigged — Abby should not have instructed her dancers to leave before the awards ceremony was over. In doing so, she once again proved that she is nothing more than a sore loser. Her behavior was incredibly disrespectful to the other hardworking dancers and teachers who attended the competition. If she had a problem with the judges’ decisions, she should have shared her concerns on social media or simply resolved not to return to the competition in the future.

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Even the Dance Moms fans who typically give Abby a pass were unhappy about her behavior, as evidenced by these tweets:

Knowing Abby, the likelihood of an apology for her atrocious behavior is minimal. Never one to show tact, Abby will continue to insist that she and her dancers were not at fault.

Photos courtesy of Lifetime.

Abby Lee slideshow

Do you think Abby Lee Miller and her dancers should have waited before leaving the awards ceremony at Nationals? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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