RHONY‘s Ramona Singer’s new beginnings party is pure narcissism

Ramona Singer has been in party girl mode ever since her relationship with Mario soured. But at some point, the self-pitying version of Turtle Time needs to stop.

Ramona wants everybody to know that she’s single and ready to mingle

Ramona Singer received plenty of sympathy when her ex was being a big, fat jerk, but that sentiment has largely disappeared in light of her recent behavior. Yes, Ramona’s desire to date other guys is understandable, but does she really have to make such a show of picking up other dudes? And what’s with the new beginnings party? As Bethenny Frankel is quick to point out, this celebration is less about making a fresh start and more about attracting attention.

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Bethenny’s take on the new beginnings party

Bethenny Frankel has turned into the unexpected voice of reason on the current season of The Real Housewives of New York City. First she called out Sonja Morgan for trashing a gorgeous model right to her face, and now she’s happy to let Ramona know that her self-absorbed behavior is annoying and unnecessary. She also thinks that the idea of a new beginning is just a theme for a party and nothing more. Ramona’s only new beginning involves attempting to hit on every guy who breathes and, really, she didn’t need a party for that.

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Bethenny doesn’t hold Ramona “up to that high of a standard” to actually reflect on her own behavior and make a fresh start. She’s bound to fall back into old patterns, whether or not Mario happens to be in her life.

Amazingly enough, Ramona and Bethenny are able to make nice, even after Bethenny compares her frenemy to a 4-year-old kid. Evidently, “there’s no negativity” in Ramona, even though her entire party is tinged with self-pity.

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Ramona Singer party

New beginnings? Or new attention?

The consensus on Twitter is that Ramona is being a complete narcissist, as usual. Doesn’t sound a lot like a new beginning, does it? A few supporters have pointed out that it’s not uncommon and not terrible for divorcees to want a start fresh; but while this is true of your typical divorced gal, it’s pretty obvious that Ramona will take advantage of any possible excuse to engage in a little Turtle Time. It’s time for the reality star to move on and actually pursue a new beginning — and not distract herself with endless, attention-seeking parties.

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