Naya Rivera bashed for her nearly-naked pregnancy pic (PHOTO)

Aug 11, 2015 at 6:55 p.m. ET
Image: Daniel Tanner/

Naya Rivera is flashing her gorgeous baby belly and lots of skin in a new photo shoot, but fans want to know why she is being such a hypocrite.

Rivera's modesty is covered in a pair of barely visible booty shorts and a fluffy jacket, but the effect is all nude nude nude — and for someone who body-shamed Kim Kardashian for taking it all off, it's a head-scratching decision.


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Rivera shared the photo and accompanying article on her Twitter page, but many of the responses were probably not what she thought they would be. In fact, she received a ton of flak for what some fans called hypocrisy for posing nearly-nude while pregnant after calling out Kim Kardashian for her own nude photo shoots.


The timing of the photo is ironic, considering the uproar: Kim Kardashian released her own nearly-nude pregnancy photo today, too.

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