Rosie Perez walked off The View for one stunning reason

Rosie Perez’s run on The View ended even sooner than it was supposed to, and it has everything to do with Kelly Osbourne.

The Puerto Rican actress took great umbrage to Osbourne’s unnecessary quip about Latinos cleaning Donald Trump’s toilets during a Hot Topics segment on the show, immediately taking the former Fashion Police host to task.

“Latinos are not the only people doing that,” she chided.

An insider said that as soon as the cameras cut to commercial, Osbourne burst into tears and the cast was surrounded by producers and handlers. When the show came back on, Perez apologized to Osbourne for “being very sensitive” — despite the fact that the “joke” was incredibly insensitive.

“Kelly Osbourne is on our side and I was sensitive and my disdain should go to only Donald Trump. Sorry darling,” she said, later adding this tweet to her mea culpa.

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And it is reportedly that tweet that resulted in her walking off the show, days before her scheduled exit was supposed to happen.

According to an insider’s report to the Daily Mail, ABC execs cornered Perez in her dressing room, demanding that she tweet a second apology in an effort to minimize any fallout from the incident — and Perez lost it.

“‘I’ve already done more than enough by apologizing on air,'” the source said she told them. “She and the ABC executives had it out. She was yelling at them at the top of her lungs that their demands were disrespectful. They were telling her that she [had] better do exactly as they said. It was an ugly scene and Rosie was crying uncontrollably and outraged.”

She finally caved and sent the tweet, but then allegedly said she was “done with this f***ing show” and told producers to “kiss my ass” before storming out, vowing to never return to “this shithole of a place.”

“ABC had already fired her technically when they didn’t renew her contract. She had nothing left to lose by not coming back,” the source explained. “She may have missed a few days’ pay, but to walk away with her dignity is likely far more important for Rosie in this situation.”

Perez was scheduled to appear on at least one more show. But the day after her apology tweet, she was forced to defend herself against critics who said she was looking the other way on racism.

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ABC is hoping the public forgets about the slip-up, going so far as to remove the offending clips from The View website and Hulu.

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