The Fosters' Mariana gets surprising words of wisdom in finale (EXCLUSIVE)

Aug 11, 2015 at 11:23 a.m. ET

Another intense and emotional half season of The Fosters is set to end on Monday night, and we have an exclusive clip.

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In the half season's penultimate episode, we watched Callie and Brandon risk everything for a chance to see Callie back under Lena and Stef's care. In the process of trying to make things better, though, they might have made it worse. And, from the finale description, it sounds like the finale will only get more complicated.

While everyone is so focused on Brallie, though, it seems they've lost sight of what's happening in the rest of The Fosters' universe. Namely, we've stopped paying attention to Mariana's struggles.

In our exclusive clip, it looks like the midseason finale will once again (at least for a moment, anyway) check in with Mariana. After breaking up with Mat, she's been particularly miserable. But, let's not forget that her way of coping with everything was to sleep with Wyatt. Now that she realizes just how much she loves Mat and wants him back in her life, she's struggling to figure out her next move. Luckily, she'll find some encouragement from a slightly unlikely source.

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Grandparents have long been a source of information for their grandchildren. That's nothing new. However, this season Mariana has spent more time with Ana's parents, her biological grandparents, than with the ones she knows best, Lena's mom and dad. With Lena's parents' anniversary in sight and a celebration on their behalf set to occur, Mariana will get to spend a moment chatting with her adoptive grandpa. It's through him that she'll learn a valuable lesson: Everything is forgivable.

Will Mat be as forgiving as Mariana's grandfather has suggested? The summer finale of The Fosters airs on Monday at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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