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Jessa Duggar’s new religious Instagram post sparks controversy (PHOTO)

This is hardly the first time Jessa Duggar has posted something controversial, but her recent post has polarized her fans.

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In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Jessa posted a picture on Instagram with the words, “It is appointed unto men once they die, but after this the judgement [sic] – Hebrews 9:27.”

She accompanied the post with a very lengthy caption, part of which reads, “…’You must believe or be damned,’ saith the Bible. And hark, the threat of God is as unchangeable as God himself. And when a thousand years of hell’s torment shall have passed away, who shall look on heaven and shall see written in letters of burning fire, ‘He that believeth not, shall be damned!’ ‘But Lord, I am damned.’ Nevertheless it says ‘shall be,’ ‘still,’ until a million ages have rolled away and you are exhausted by your pains and agonies. You shall turn up your eyes and still see, ‘SHALL BE DAMNED.'”

The post has not received a warm reception from her followers.

There are those who completely disagree with her message, with comments including, “That’s your opinion Jessa not everyone needs to have the same beliefs as you. Religion is a choice some of us choose to believe in other things…,” “humans created God, not the other way around. Think about it,” and “religion is control. That’s all it is.”

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But there are also those fans who think Jessa is trying to spread fear when she should be reaching out and spreading love — and they believe that is the true message of the Bible.

One fan wrote, “It’s His kindness that leads us to repentance So if you’re trying to reach out to people and spread the message of salvation, it’s time to start loving people as they are and letting God come and transform their lives instead of trying to ‘frighten’ them away from hell.@jessaseewald.”

Other fans agreed, with one writing that Jessa should not be telling people they’ll be damned, but rather she should show everyone love.

The person wrote, “@jessaseewald as much as this is true there is so much more to God then [sic] this!! God is not about believe and go to heaven or don’t believe and ‘be damned’. The Bible says the GOODNESS of God brings people to repentance. We need to be showing the world LOVE not telling them they will be ‘damned’. Gods [sic] love is so amazing and powerful! He’s got such a huge heart for all of his kids!! Please remember that we need to be posting LOVE!! And not scaring people into heaven but leading them by His grace and Love!”

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“Idk i think as long as you are a good person and don’t judge others or at least try not to judge others, you will be good. I honestly don’t think God is going to punish you for being gay or transgender or showing a lot of skin or something,” another fan added.

Do you agree with Jessa’s message? Or do you think she should heed the advice of her fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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