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The Fosters sacrificed Callie’s future to teach a lesson about right & wrong

Callie and Brandon finally gave in to their feelings, but the cost of their one night in the cabin could sink Callie’s adoption dreams for good.

The feeling that you have nothing left to lose is weirdly freeing as anyone who has ever found themselves in such a situation can attest. In that light, Callie and Brandon indulging in the fantasy that they could be together doesn’t look wrong. These are two teenagers who will never see each other as sister and brother, whether a court decrees it or not, and in the moment, in the cabin, Callie and Brandon believed they would never face a reality where they would be siblings in the eyes of the law.

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For Callie, having sex with Brandon was the absolute worst choice she could have made, though. The sacrifice she made for Rita was monumental, and so purely Callie, nothing else made sense. The sacrifice she makes to be with Brandon is far more frustrating. I want nothing more than for Callie to learn from her past mistakes. As much as she loves Brandon, the home she has with the Fosters is worth fighting to the bitter end for.

Callie has come so far in such a short amount of time. Her anger has slipped away, along with her desire to run. Brandon is the one thing she cannot truly let go of, and as beautiful as the scene they shared was, it was too heartbreaking to be romantic. The Fosters put Callie’s future in a precarious situation again simply because she chose to do the right thing by Rita and the wrong thing for herself.

At a certain point, Callie is going to have to learn to put herself first. Choosing to help Rita was the only choice Callie could make, but she had options where Brandon was concerned. She gave up on herself when she let her romantic feelings take control, and it is so disappointing to see her go down this path. Brandon and Callie’s Romeo and Juliet routine has consistently been Callie’s undoing.

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I wanted to see her believe she still had a shot at being adopted because it would mean Callie still had hope. Brandon may look like a pretty sweet consolation prize, but he is nothing compared to having a family who loves and supports her. Yes, she will always have Robert, but he can’t give her what Stef and Lena can. Brandon definitely can’t give Callie the safety and security she needs to flourish.

Teenagers do stupid things, and I knew Brandon and Callie would give in to their feelings eventually. Their night in the cabin was inevitable even as their lives diverged. The chaos they found themselves in over the summer was always pushing them back to each other. It’s what they do next that truly matters. Callie doesn’t have to tank her future; she can withhold the truth from the court and Stef and Lena. She can choose to lie, and, just this once, she should.

Even though she feels like there is nothing left to lose, Callie still has a shot at getting everything she has ever wanted minus Brandon. Any romantic future with him has to be scrapped. The Fosters showed Callie making a positive self-sacrifice, but she has to stop throwing herself on every pyre she finds. My one hope for the finale is that Callie finally chooses Callie, even if it means being dishonest. No fling should end a young girl’s future, and no boy is worth everything. The Fosters can either show that Callie still has some fight left in her, or they can let her pick honesty and Brandon over her home.

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The latter is the only choice that signifies progress. Callie needs to keep moving forward and get Brandon out of her system. She’s come too far to run this time. Callie deserves to come home, no matter what it takes. The last sacrifice she has to make is giving up Brandon; then she truly can start over as a teenager who can afford to make bad choices without risking everything she’s worked so hard to attain.

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