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Bachelor in Paradise fans take their hatred for Ashley I. way too far

Ashley Iaconetti is one of the most polarizing figures on the current season of Bachelor in Paradise, but that doesn’t mean she deserves to be trashed mercilessly on Twitter. Unfortunately, the social media hate for Ashley is nearly as bad as it was for Kaitlyn Bristowe during the height of her slut-shaming on The Bachelorette.

Ashley I. sad

Ashley I. is by no means the most likable gal on Bachelor in Paradise. She refers to reality stars just a few years her senior as “old women” and very rarely turns off the waterworks. Even so, Ashley should not have received as much social media vitriol as she did during this week’s two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. Twitter haters insulted everything from her kissing technique to her body. C’mon, Bachelor Nation, she’s not that bad!

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Hitting, not hitting on

Several dudes are perfectly happy to hit on Ashley, but fans of Bachelor in Paradise would much rather hit her. One Twitter user in particular finds Ashley so annoying, she assumes that things would get physical if the two were unfortunate enough to find themselves on the same reality TV cast.

Other fans are less inclined to hit Ashley, but instead want to aim their fists at themselves.

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Ashley Bachelor in Paradise

Needless fat-shaming

Ashley I. is an attractive lady, or, at least, plenty of the guys on Bachelor in Paradise seem to think so. Unfortunately, a few nasty individuals have decided that Ashley’s figure is not to their liking — and they are perfectly willing to share their distaste on Twitter. The following is, perhaps, one of the nastiest anti-Ashley tweets of the season:

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Equal-opportunity hate

Ashley is not the only person whose appearance is being attacked on Twitter. One Bachelor in Paradise fan also seems to think that Jared is rather unattractive.

Few people actually like Ashley, but most are able to at least remain civil when discussing her penchant for tears and other annoying habits. Unfortunately, a few select haters seem to think that it’s OK to craft the most vile tweets imaginable about their least favorite reality star. Let’s just hope Ashley knows better than to look herself up on Twitter — she might not like what she sees.

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Do you think Ashley Iaconetti’s haters have gone a bit too far with the insults? Or is she asking for it every time she bursts into tears over nothing? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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