Ben Affleck’s former nanny’s hotel bill will make you more suspicious

If this doesn’t make you suspicious of Ben Affleck, nothing will.

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His and Jennifer Garner’s former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, spent at least five nights at the extravagant Hotel Bel-Air — at least from July 29 to Aug. 4 — amid rumors that an affair she had with Affleck contributed to his split from Garner. According to the rumors, Ouzounian was holed up there to stay under the radar — and Affleck was footing the bill.

According to a new People magazine report, sources at the hotel say the bill for that stay was steep. Factoring in the length of her stay, meals and other amenities, sources conservatively estimate Ouzounian would have dropped more than $12,000 on her getaway, the magazine reports.

It certainly seems like more than an unemployed nanny could afford to spend in less than a week. But while one source says Affleck is “taking care of Christine’s expenses,” another insider tells People that he “did not cover the Bel-Air bill. You would not find his card there, plain and simple.”

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Just Ouzounian’s room, a junior bungalow suite, costs $1,500 a night. Witnesses say she’s been dining at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant inside the hotel and that she’s taken advantage of the spa at least twice during her stay. The room alone would cost $10,400 for the five days and insiders say a low estimate for her food and drink tab would be $1,200 for the week. The two spa trips, both averaging 60 minutes, would run the 28-year-old $250 each, or $500 total.

While sources are still saying Affleck and Ouzounian stay in touch constantly, Affleck has denied rumors about an affair since they started circulating following his and Garner’s June 30 split. Regardless, Ouzounian seems to be enjoying her stay at Hotel Bel-Air, where her affair with Affleck is said to have taken place — a source told People that “she acts like she is on vacation. She has been spotted by the pool several times, the spa and Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. She seems relaxed and happy. She hangs out with girlfriends, reads magazines and is on her phone a lot.”

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Do you think Ben Affleck is picking up the tab for his reported mistress’ hotel stay? Or do you believe him when he denies the affair rumors? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.


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