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Kaitlyn Bristowe’s fiancé Shawn Booth allegedly caught sending shady texts

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s chosen love is being accused of some super-shady behavior, and if true — and if it means what it implies — not only could their entire relationship be a sham, but Booth could have violated his Bachelorette contract in a major way.

According to an insider, Booth tried calling his ex-girlfriend a whopping 11 times alone on a single day in July, two full weeks before the final episode aired — but long after his engagement to Bristowe was formalized.

When the ex ignored his calls, he texted her that he and Bristowe were “technically” engaged. How romantic.

“Since they officially ended their relationship in the summer of 2012, Shawn’s tried his best to get her back, but he’s had no such luck,” the source told OK! magazine, explaining that Shawn and the mystery woman dated on and off for six years after meeting in college.

“Their plan was to get married, but they couldn’t agree on a permanent living situation and were forced to break up.”

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So there could be a few things going on here. One, the whole thing is completely made up. Two, he wanted to let her know himself because they had a long history together and it was the gentlemanly thing to do. Or three, his use of the word “technically” was a signal that the whole relationship with Bristowe is fake and he really wants to be with his ex.

If Booth really did send the text, it could be a significant violation of his Bachelorette contract, which has a major non-disclosure agreement.

Tell us: Were Shawn’s texts gentlemanly or dastardly?

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