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Body found after Annie Lennox’s daughter’s kayak flipped

The daughter of singer Annie Lennox was rescued after a harrowing boating accident, but her boyfriend may not have fared so well.

Tali Lennox was in a double-kayak with her artist boyfriend, Ian Jones, in the Hudson River Saturday when the vessel flipped and dumped them both into the water. A passing boat rescued Lennox, but Jones was nowhere to be seen — and police fear a body found today could be his.

The incident occurred in Staatsburg, New York, near the historic Mills Mansion, approximately 100 miles from Manhattan. The kayak overturned around 10 a.m., and according to the police report, the pair clung to the boat for 20 minutes before the strong current swept Jones away.

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“They were holding onto the kayak and kicking and swimming all at the same time. They had only been separated for a few minutes before she was rescued. She was in the water and she was located and picked up by a passing vessel,” Captain John Watterson of the Duchess County Sheriff’s Office told The Telegraph. “She was interviewed and gave us an account of what happened. She stated that they were kayaking a two-person tandem kayak and then it capsized. She gave us the location where she last saw him and that’s where we started to concentrate our search.

“We believe that alcohol may have played a role.”

Neither was wearing a life jacket.

Police have been searching the river since the incident occurred and, at around 3 p.m. EST today, they pulled a body out of the water near the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club, just north of where the kayak capsized.

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Lennox and Jones partnered on several visual arts projects, including photographing homeless children on the streets of New York. His final Instagram post before the accident was of her.

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UPDATE Aug. 11, 2105: Police have confirmed the body is that of Jones. Lennox updated her Instagram with this heartbreaking tribute.

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