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David Beckham shames tabloid for reporting on his 4-year-old daughter

David Beckham is no stranger to ridiculous tabloid stories, but one recent one went too far — and the reason why will surprise you.

The soccer star went off on the Daily Mail for an article they wrote condemning him and wife Victoria for allowing their 4-year-old daughter Harper to suck on a pacifier.

“At 4 years old, Harper Beckham is well beyond the age that most health experts would advise giving a child a dummy,” the article reads. “Last night, parenting experts said that David, 40, and Victoria Beckham, 41, risked stunting their daughter’s speech and were putting her teeth at risk of damage by letting her continue to use one.”

The tabloid then quoted a former midwife and so-called parenting expert who concern-trolled the couple over their parenting decision.

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“I can’t believe she is still using a dummy. If she has a dummy in their mouth at this age, at 4, it really can damage her teeth and it is very likely to hinder speech development,” said Clare Byam-Cook. “After about three months, most babies should not need a comforter. Children at the age of 4 really don’t need a dummy.

“David and Victoria seem wonderful parents and I’m sure they give Harper lots of attention but, like it or not, they are role models and lots of people will see this and think that having a dummy at this age is normal when it is not,” Byam-Cook said. “It could be last-child syndrome — because she is the youngest, David and Victoria could be clinging on to her being a baby.”

Wow, that’s pretty harsh and judgmental — and Beckham thought so too. In fact, the article ticked him off so much he wrote a long Instagram post about it.

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At least one expert quoted by the Daily Mail stuck up for Posh and Becks. “It is up to the parents — famous or not — to decide when their child is ready to stop using a dummy. It’s a personal decision in every family and they know best,” said Judy Reith.

“Given that she is a child in a well-known family, she may have a little extra comfort from her dummy when they are walking about and cameras are clicking away. The most important thing is that she feels loved, safe, secure and able to engage with the world.”

Tell us: Was the Daily Mail‘s article about Harper Beckham’s pacifier out of line?

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