Olivia Newton-John’s daughter viciously attacked for her appearance (PHOTO)

Olivia Newton-John and her 29-year-old daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, were making the rounds in Las Vegas.

The aspiring singer-songwriter and her famous mom were celebrating the release of the new music video for their song “You Have to Believe,” as well as celebrating the 35th anniversary of Xanadu.

The pair’s new song is a remix of Newton-John’s song “Magic” from the 1980 film. Both women looked stunning. It is impossible to believe that the Grease star is 66 years old; she looks so fresh-faced.

And her daughter? A total knockout, and she dressed to kill in true Vegas fashion. She rocked a tiny cream miniskirt and sequined bralette.

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Of course, the Internet trolls couldn’t leave the beauty alone for very long. They immediately jumped to the conclusion that she must have had work done. The barrage of comments mentioning plastic surgery began pouring in. Some compared her to her mother: “Mommy still looks naturally beautiful. Daughter… major face palm.” Or this one, saying, “She looks like she’s had a ton of plastic, where mom looks great.”

Then there was this particularly nasty comment: “She looks like she still has the plastic surgeons [sic] scalpel in her face. Can she actually move her face at all?”

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OK, if she did or didn’t have plastic surgery is not only her own decision, but her right and prerogative. And quite frankly, how can anyone blame her for wanting to look her best when clearly, all people care about is the way she looks?

If she hasn’t had plastic surgery, how bad must these comments make her feel? If she has, more of the same — they would likely drive her to plastic surgery. The long and short of it is that people need to stop the negativity and judgement. It is damaging and so wrong.

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