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Teresa Giudice is reportedly ready to make a big move without Joe

Teresa Giudice’s finances might be what landed her in jail, but she’s far from broke if these reports about her rental plans are correct.

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According to Radar Online, Giudice is already apartment hunting for New Jersey homes, even though she still has a few months left on her prison sentence. And the Real Housewives star isn’t skimping, insisting on a five-bedroom rental so that her four daughters don’t have to share rooms.

Giudice has reportedly enlisted the help of friends to begin searching the area for suitable places to live. She and her husband Joe’s custom 10,000 square-foot mansion was prominently featured on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But after all the family’s money problems and outstanding loans, the house is now falling apart and in foreclosure.

Still, it doesn’t look like Giudice is destitute if she is still looking for a five-bedroom home, sticking to her infamous words that she can’t live in anything that’s been “used” before.

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Of course, she does have those Real Housewives paychecks to look forward to. It is expected that Giudice will begin filming with the show as soon as she’s released from prison.

The big questions fans have, aside from where Giudice will settle down now that her mansion is in foreclosure, is if Joe will be welcome at the residence.

And according to sources, he more than definitely will be, despite multiple reports that he’s cheated on his wife while she’s been locked away in prison. Still, she appears to be house hunting on her own since she’s depending on friends for their help rather than her husband.

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No doubt, the couple won’t really have much time to talk about the future of their marriage considering that Joe still has to serve out his prison sentence as well. The convicted duo was able to stagger their jail time so that a parent would be available to care for the children.

Do you think Teresa Giudice will kick Joe to the curb as soon as she’s released from prison?

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