Under the Dome finale spoiler may tease show's fate

Aug 10, 2015 at 1:08 p.m. ET
Image: CBS

Tons of television news continues to come out of the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour, and spoilers are slowly being leaked in the mix. Today's big news involves Under the Dome.

Warning: Just as we suggest in the title, there's a massive Under the Dome spoiler below. If you don't want to know how Season 3 ends, leave now.

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During Under the Dome's spotlight moment at the TCAs, a major plot twist was unveiled by CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler. During the press conference for the show, Tassler shared that the finale will show the end of the dome (at least for a while).

"The dome is coming down at the end of the season," Tassler told the crowd of reporters.

Obviously, that raises some major questions. If the dome comes down, will the show end? When it comes down, will it stay down? If it stays down, where can the story go? If it pops back up, will the same set of people find themselves trapped inside? Gah! We're so curious. But to get answers, we'll need the show to be renewed for Season 4, which so far hasn't happened.

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As for what the dome's departure could mean for the show, Tassler was succinct.

"[The dome coming down] opens up a host of other storytelling opportunities," Tassler shared. "You just don’t know what will happen when the dome comes down,"

Tell us about it. The dome's arrival drastically changed the lives of those inside. It brought corruption to light and saw many lives come to an end. When the town and its citizens become functioning members of society again, anything could happen. And we're still not letting go of the possibility that the dome may not be gone for good. In all actuality, it could easily go down only long enough to let out some nonessential characters and then pull in some new faces. This would certainly breathe new life into the show. Could the twist be the kick in the pants needed for Under the Dome to return for Season 4?

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