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Fans turn against Michelle Duggar after latest breakdown

Michelle Duggar revealed that it hasn’t always been smiles for her, especially with all of the stress that comes with raising 19 kids.

In her newest blog post, Duggar admits that even she faces challenges that cause her to lose her composure, a message that seems to be especially poignant given the huge molestation scandal that rocked the family about three months ago.

“It was 1:00 AM in the morning as I stood folding laundry with tears streaming down my cheeks,” Duggar revealed in her post titled “Note to Mothers.”

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She continued, “Feelings of being overwhelmed flooded my mind. I cried aloud, ‘LORD I NEED YOUR HELP, I can’t do it all! I feel so inadequate! Diapers, dishes, laundry, meals, cleanup, school lessons, baths, hugs, kisses, correction…’ My list seemed to go on and on.”

Duggar writes that God answered her prayers in the form of her children’s piano teacher, who offered to help her with laundry twice a week. She has now been helping the family for 12 years and is lovingly referred to as NaNa by her children.

And while Duggar meant this story as an inspirational message for moms who may be feeling overwhelmed, others were quick to point out that it also signals that 19 kids might just be an unhealthy number for any family to raise.

Sources have pointed out that it’s too much for Duggar parents Michelle and Jim Bob to bear, and so they are relying on their children’s help in a way that is negatively affecting their upbringing.

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“It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do,” a source told Radar Online, adding, “She looks so tired and worn down sometimes. You can’t help but feel bad for her, having to take on all that responsibility at a young age. It’s like she’s been a parent ever since she was 13!”

Plus, now that the Duggar’s eldest children are moving out and starting families of their own, the burden on Michelle and Jim Bob is even heavier.

One commenter added that the Duggars even addressed this on the show, explaining, “Michelle talked, more than once, about the ‘buddy system’ they had set up. As each child became old enough, (anywhere from 10 to 12 years old, depending on their maturity, she said) they were assigned one of the younger siblings that they were totally responsible for. This included hygiene, teaching, feeding and anything else the younger siblings required… I’m not sure what Michelle was doing.”

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“SHE feels overwhelmed?” another added. “How about the victims that you swept under the carpet? I feel NO pity for these people.”

And still more chimed in with similar sentiments. “Why would we feel sorry for this selfish idiot? She willingly had this litter and couldn’t/wouldn’t care for them. Maybe if she had had fewer kids she could have prevented the molester from hurting her innocent daughters. No sympathy from me.”

Does this post make you feel bad for Michelle Duggar or do you think she brought all the hardship on herself?

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