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Kim Kardashian’s recent selfie sparks fresh plastic surgery rumors (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian is a controversial star, and her near-nude photo shoots and selfies have created quite a stir in the past, so perhaps we shouldn’t be all that surprised by her recent NSFW boob pic. All the same, her fans are completely outraged.

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Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the reality TV star posted a picture that focuses on her breasts. She captioned it simply with, “42mil” — referring to the number of followers she now has on her Instagram account.

While the number of her followers is impressive, Kardashian’s fans are far less impressed with the way she chose to celebrate the milestone, and they decided to sound off in the comments.

Comments include, “Stop showing your cleavage,” “disgusting,” “42mil thanks to ur boobs. Is that what ur caption + selfie means?,” “Poor kim she is so lost in her bullshiet [sic],” and “Why always showing off? Poor minded person.”
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But that’s not all. The pic also has sparked fresh plastic surgery claims as critics slammed Kardashian for getting a boob job.

“She has had a boob job alright [sic] and I reckon an a…[sic] job as well. No-one could possibly have a natural one so awful. What a mess she is,” “Is that how many times you’ve gotten plastic surgery?,” “she tried to say she have no boob job #girlbye lol,” and “To [sic] much plastic surgery and am sorry but your face looks like a Duck!”

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It’s important to note that Kim is pregnant with baby No. 2, so her breasts will be a bit larger. That said, it was no doubt a controversial way to celebrate her followers. But is the backlash deserved?

Let us know your thoughts about the image in the comments below.

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