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Nicki Minaj blasted for Photoshopping her booty — but did she? (PHOTO)

Countless celebs have been accused of Photoshopping their pictures to make themselves look slimmer or smooth out their skin, but is Nicki Minaj the latest celeb to edit her pics?

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The “Anaconda” hit maker was slammed by fans after she posted a picture of herself and boyfriend, Meek Mill, on Instagram on Sunday. Fans called out Minaj for Photoshopping her booty because part of her hairstylist’s leg looks to be missing.

Comments on the pic include, “Pathetic photoshoppin ass lmaoooo,” “Hahahahaha my god look at the guys [sic] shorts in the background. Fake ass celebrities” and “Either my man has suttin [sic] seriously wrong with his leg. Or someone’s photoshop game Weak AF.”

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But Minaj is not going to let the Photoshopping rumors run rife as she took to Instagram again to explain there was no editing involved, and that it’s just a shadow. And if you look closely, you can clearly see the outline of her hairstylist’s shorts.

Taking to Instagram, Minaj posted a text conversation between herself and Alex Grizz, which she captioned, “Lol why did I actually text @grizzleemusic about this? yall [sic] so damn crazy. I was like we don’t need to do that.”

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So, there you have it, people: Nicki Minaj is not one of those celebs who Photoshops her pictures. It was just her famous booty that cast a shadow.

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