Bachelor in Paradise's Joe Bailey attracts Twitter hate with 3 jerk moves

Aug 9, 2015 at 10:47 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Joe Bailey was never the most popular guy on Bachelor in Paradise, but during tonight's episode, these three painful moments cemented his status as this season's biggest villain.

Bachelor in Paradise's Joe

 1. Making fun of Clare

Clare Crawley knows a thing or two about Bachelor Nation and jerks. After all, she had to deal with Juan Pablo's obnoxious behavior on The Bachelor. She may not be the female fan favorite on the current season of Bachelor in Paradise, but she certainly didn't deserve to be badmouthed by Joe. Now, we finally know why Clare's taken to having long chats with raccoons. She needs to vent to somebody about all of the jerks in her life, and clearly, nobody else wants to listen.

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Juelia badmouthed on Bachelor in Paradise

2. Badmouthing Juelia's kissing... and her intelligence

It's never a good idea to kiss and tell (as, hopefully, Nick Viall has finally learned), but this is especially problematic when you're on Bachelor in Paradise. Sure, everybody witnesses your make-out sessions, but that doesn't mean you have to share all of the dirty details or — worse yet — critique your partner's kissing technique. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Joe decided to do, leaving fans feeling really, really bad for poor Juelia Kinney. They felt even worse when Joe accused Juelia of not being the brightest bulb in the socket.


Perhaps the worst of all this is that Juelia actually seems like a nice gal. Sure, her hair could use a little help in that awful humidity, but all in all, it's obvious that she's way too good for Joe.

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3. Using Juelia to get a rose

Plenty of Bachelor in Paradise cast members use one another in order to get roses and remain on the show. This tactic is by no means unusual, but it felt even seedier than usual when Joe used it — perhaps because he'd already spent so much of the episode acting like a complete jerk

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Fans of Bachelor in Paradise rarely see eye to eye about anything, but pretty much everybody was in agreement about Joe's status as this season's new villain. The following are just a few of the many negative tweets aimed at the bad boy:


One viewer, however, approved of at least one of Joe's obnoxious antics — his farting! Believe it or not, this was arguably the least disgusting of his moments on the show... and that's saying something!


OK, Joe's little farting incident was actually kinda funny, but it certainly did not redeem the dude who made Juan Pablo look like a true gentleman. Joe definitely deserves to be kicked off of Bachelor in Paradise!

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Do you think Joe's treatment of Juelia was inappropriate? Or is that just how the game is played on Bachelor in Paradise? Comment and share your thoughts!