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Lady Gaga’s body imperfections are inspiring fans (PHOTO)

On Thursday, Lady Gaga took to Instagram to share a picture of her stunning black-and-white striped ensemble, and fans have noticed something about the snap that’s really inspiring.

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Whether the “Do What U Want” hit maker meant to show off her body imperfections or not, fans have noticed stretch marks on her breasts and have applauded Gaga for being a “real” woman, who embraces her body, flaws and all.

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Comments on the picture include, “Real! I see boob stretch marks. Beautiful,” “Gorgeous lady. Inspiration…” and “Wow! You have stretch marks on your boobs and don’t hide them. That must be so inspiring to all women around the globe.”

There are also several comments that applaud Gaga for her body, including one that simply reads, “Your body,” followed by a clapping emoticon.

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It’s empowering when women who are as influential as Lady Gaga choose not to get cosmetic help, or resort to Photoshopping their pictures. Instead, she’s letting women know there’s no need to feel self-conscious or bad about the way you look — we all have imperfections; it’s time to embrace them.

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