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INTERVIEW: Matt McGorry reveals 6 teasers for HTGAWM Season 2

Season 2 of How to Get Away With Murder is right around the corner, and star Matt McGorry is dishing about what’s to come.

1. Rebecca’s death will be solved early on

For those of you who, like us, were shocked by Rebecca’s unexpected death, which ended Season 1 on a major cliffhanger, don’t worry: The show won’t be leaving us wondering for long.

“One of the good things about How to Get Away With Murder is you always get to see resolutions of those twists and turns,” McGorry explained. “I think that’s satisfying because I think I’ve seen shows before where it can be frustrating if a question gets brought up and you never really get an answer to it. I think we do a pretty good job of answering those questions so you will find out — and pretty early on — who killed Rebecca, which is kind of crazy and cool. And, as always, it’s very unexpected.”

No doubt the resolution of her death will only lead to more questions about characters’ motives in Season 2. I still don’t trust Wes, just sayin’.

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2. There will be another flash forward

McGorry also said that the Season 2 storyline will be introduced following the reveal of Rebecca’s murderer. “And then we get to see another very surprising, sort of, flash forward that happens as well, I’d say as equally surprising as Sam’s getting murdered. So there will continue to be lots more twists and turns and, additionally, some answers too.”

3. The main character murders most likely aren’t over

As for whether another main character will meet their untimely demise in Season 2, McGorry played coy. “It’s certainly possible. I would say it’s highly possible,” he said.

We’re going to go ahead and take that as a “yes.”

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4. Asher’s relationship with Bonnie will continue and 5. Asher will grow as a human

Luckily, it looks like McGorry’s character, Asher, will be headed up rather than headed to his grave in Season 2. “I think you get to see, as usual, Asher sort of has his weird and ignorant antics but I think as his relationship develops with Bonnie, it does force him to grow a little bit and become more aware of who he is and the world around him,” McGorry said. “And I think we’ll get to see, maybe, him mature a little bit in some ways too. Hopefully not too much that he’s not a positive contributor to the humor anymore, but I think we’ll get to see him grow and develop and, sort of, expand outside that small bubble that he’s been privileged enough to grow up in.”

6. Asher isn’t on the suspect list

“I don’t think he’s ill-intentioned in the way he makes sexist remarks, I think it’s born out of ignorance, but I do think as he’s exposed to it, he does have the responsibility to essentially make the choice that he will or won’t continue down that path,” McGorry revealed. “I don’t imagine that he’s the type of guy that would kill someone or even really try to hide it, but I think we’re all complicated individuals and I think that everyone has sides of good and evil in them.”

Aside from dishing on the sure to be killer Season 2 of HTGAWM, McGorry also address all the hate he got for **SPOILER ALERT** Bennett’s rash decision to leave Daya and the baby in Orange Is the New Black Season 3. In fact, the actor got such a backlash from all of it on social media that he spoke out on Father’s Day, asking fans to please remember that he isn’t his character.

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“Bennett got a lot of hate. I tend to think now that people don’t actually think I’m him, but they like to comment that I am. And they find it funny to do so,” McGorry explained regarding the reason he spoke out.

“It’s the quickest way people know to, sort of, voice that [frustration]. At first it bothered me a little bit. It’s like any joke you hear. The first time, it might be funny. And then, if you hear, over time it gets a little tiring,” McGorry added. “And then imagine that magnified, you know, by a giant group of people. It just gets a little old. But ultimately, actually, it’s funny because since I’ve started speaking out more about social injustice issues and gender equality, I think the feedback I get on that sort of seems like more of a priority now. Especially now I’m talking about the #BlackLivesMatter stuff.”

He said his involvement in these campaigns gives him “a direct insight into how racist some people are. I think that stuff puts in perspective my small gripes with people making a joke that’s a little annoying. I think that’s actually a good thing, too, because if the worst thing in life I have to worry about is, you know, people getting mad at me for the characters I play on a television show, then ultimately things aren’t really that bad.”

HTGAWM returns Thursday, Sept. 24 on ABC. In the meantime, get even more of an inside scoop into the show by picking up a copy of the HTGAWM Season 1 DVD, available now.

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