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John Stamos and Rob Lowe confess their dirty relationship secret

John Stamos and Rob Lowe have a dirty little secret.

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During a panel for his new comedy, The Grinder, Lowe made all of our dreams come true by revealing that he and the hunky Full House actor are officially an item.

OK, maybe not, especially since Lowe is happily married. But they clearly have a bromance that’s a little more intense than anyone could have predicted.

The two are both on the Television Critics Association summer press tour to promote their upcoming shows and other projects. During the panel for The Grinder, Lowe was asked by a reporter if he and Stamos have bonded over their “criminal” handsomeness.

Lowe went right along with the joke, saying, “As a member of Jimmy Kimmel’s Handsome Men’s Club, Stamos has been up for membership. So far, the board hasn’t voted him in yet.”

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Um, what? If anyone, and we mean anyone, deserves membership in that club, it’s Stamos, right?

Lowe continued on to explain who’s for and against a Stamos induction.

“Sting is really lobbying hard on his behalf,” he said. “David Beckham has blackballed him every time he’s gotten close. I am looking forward to when John eventually makes it in. It’s a wonderful club.”

Good thing Stamos was there to set the record straight. Set to take the stage after Lowe to promote his own upcoming show, Stamos yelled from the back of the ballroom, “Rob, tell the truth, we’ve dated for years!”

Hollywood’s newest power couple, ladies and gentlemen. No one else will be able to hold a candle to that much hotness in one pair.

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So now we just have to ask: Who’s hotter? Are you on Team John Stamos or Team Rob Lowe? Head down to the comments and let us know which side you’d choose.

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