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Big Brother: Vanessa is losing her freaking mind over Clay and Johnny Mac

As the eviction hour nears in the Big Brother 17 house, the houseguests are getting a little stir-crazy. James and Clay are in each other’s faces and Vanessa is sealing her own coffin for next week without even trying. What is going on in the Big Brother house?

The hunter vs. the pretty boy

This week did not go as planned for Clay and Shelli, as the power couple that was running the house found themselves on the block together with no way to get off. That didn’t mean, however, that they would go out without a fight or without causing drama in the house. It looks as if their plan might have worked!

This afternoon, while the houseguests were supposed to be getting ready for the big night, they were instead jumping down each other’s throats. In the biggest fight of the season so far, Clay got in James’ face and James dared him to hit him! Go, James! If Clay doesn’t go home tonight, then James better watch out!

The girl who lost her mind

Then in comes Vanessa, who is going crazy in the house, screaming at everyone and accusing Clay and Johnny Mac of being related. Then she decides that they aren’t related but are instead gay lovers! Really, Vanessa? Where do you come up with these things? You better hope your alliance wins HOH this week or you will probably be the next one packing your bags.

Oh, and rumor has it tonight is another endurance competition. If that is the truth, then this Twitter user said it perfectly:

Did you catch all the tweets about this fight today? What do you think is going on with Vanessa? Tell us in the comments below. We are hoping they show at least a small part of the insanity on tonight’s show!

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