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Empire‘s Lee Daniels develops a new show that’s even better than a spin-off

Empire‘s Lee Daniels is developing a new powerhouse singing show, but it isn’t quite a spin-off of the Fox hit.

Fox CEO and chairman Dana Walden referred to the new series, Star, as more of a companion series.

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According to E! Online, Star is set in Atlanta and is the story of three young women who dream of making it big as a girl group. The series will reportedly showcase all the allure, heartache and cutthroat politics that come with the music industry while also exploring cultural themes just like Empire does, but from a different perspective.

“The possibility of a crossover at some point exists, but it’s definitely not what we’re planning right now,” Walden said of the potential for characters to interact between the Star and Empire worlds.

Walden was sure to say that Star will stand on its own, stating that it’s a “wholly contained original series.”

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“It is modern-day music business in Atlanta, and Empire is modern-day music business in New York… it’s not inconceivable that the two worlds could cross. But that’s definitely not Lee’s intention as we go into it.”

As for Empire Season 2, it doesn’t really need to add anymore star-studded names to its guest-star roster. It already has enough to more than get our attention. Pitbull, Mariah Carey, Chris Rock, Adam Rodriguez, Kelly Rowland and Marisa Tomei are all set to make guest appearances in the upcoming season this fall.

Plus, after the powerhouse acting and soul-wrenching story lines of Season 1, there’s no way we would ever even consider not continuing to watch the show.

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Season 2 of Empire will premiere Wednesday, Sept. 23 on Fox.

As for Star, it’s still in the development phase, with no word yet on whether the network will actually take it to series. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed, because it definitely sounds awesome.

Would you tune in to Lee Daniels’ Star?

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