Kristen Stewart hilariously shows how frustrating interviews are for women (VIDEO)

I don’t know about you, but I am no longer surprised by sexist interview questions.

When a female celebrity is asked about how she keeps her skin so clean, I don’t do a double take. When an interviewer asks a woman about the men in her life, I no longer bat an eye.

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In a recent Funny or Die interview parody, however, Kristen Stewart takes matters into her own hands and asks Jesse Eisenberg questions usually reserved for women, calling out this double standard once and for all.

Take a look:

The interview starts out simply enough: Eisenberg and Stewart will ask each other questions. After the first question, however, we know something’s up. Eisenberg asks Stewart, “How did you bulk up for this film?” Eisenberg looks just as confused as the rest of us: This is not a question usually directed toward female celebrities. Turns out, their interview cards had been swapped. Now, Eisenberg has to answer the extremely personal and often inappropriate questions interviewers ask women.

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Stewart is completely unfazed. She answers the more generic and funny questions intended for Eisenberg, while he is forced to fend off questions about his boobs. By simply swapping the cards, Stewart has completely rewritten the script for interviews everywhere. Thanks to this switch, people can no longer deny just how ridiculous these questions are. No one can disagree that it’s unfair to expect all women to be familiar with fashion designers or the latest diet trend. Female celebrities have so much to share — they shouldn’t be forced to handle these awkward situations. If the questions are absurd for Eisenberg, then they are ridiculous for anyone.

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