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Teresa Giudice was right to ‘ban’ Melissa Gorga from visiting her in jail

I totally agree with Teresa Giudice! Said no one ever. Except maybe this time. Word on the street is, the Real Housewives star has banned sis-in-law Melissa Gorga from visiting her in the slammer — can you blame her?!

According to reports, Teresa doesn’t want Melissa visiting her in jail out of fear that Melissa will use the visit to her advantage — and, as much as I tend to disagree with Teresa on, well, everything in life, the woman’s got a point this time around.

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During a visit to Watch What Happens Live, Melissa told Andy Cohen that she wasn’t able to see her husband’s sister due to not being cleared by the prison for visitation rights. Or, in other words, Melissa is letting everyone know that she would take the high road and go pay Teresa a visit in jail, but as usual, Teresa is being petty. It’s pretty unbelievable that these two are managing to passive-aggressively argue while Teresa is in jail.

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Sources are claiming that Teresa has no interest in seeing her sister-in-law right now. Or, perhaps, more apropos, she doesn’t want her sister-in-law seeing her right now. An insider said, “Teresa doesn’t want Melissa using her name for fame. And she knows Melissa would blab about the visit and use it to get attention. There is no way she would ever let Melissa visit her.”

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From the looks of things, Teresa and Melissa have always been frenemies. Sure, they have their little periods where they’re getting on well, but ultimately, they’re always trying to one-up each other and have the last laugh. If I were Teresa, I don’t think I would feel super comfortable having Melissa there either right now. Teresa is going through one of the most vulnerable, humiliating times of her life. Why invite someone you fear may talk behind your back after they leave — or worse, spill info to the press? Teresa’s got enough on her plate right now. She doesn’t need that added pressure.

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Also, on a superficial level, imagine being Teresa, sitting there in a prison jumpsuit; #nomakeup on; hair pulled back, looking less than fabellini when in saunters Melissa with heels higher than a beanstalk; golden hair blowing in the penitentiary wind; and a complexion so dewy you’d think she lived in a permanent bubble of Florida humidity. No thanks on that.

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On a positive note, though, earlier on in the summer, it was reported that Melissa was spotted taking Teresa’s daughters out for manicures and not too long ago, she and husband Joe Gorga took the four Giudice girls to the beach for the day.

This, above anything, is the most important aspect of this whole mess, so at least Melissa is stepping up and spending quality time with her nieces — although, I’m sure on some level, it annoyed Teresa that Melissa posted a photo of the fun day. If these two women never do right by each other and spend the rest of their lives bickering, let’s hope they continue to take the high road when it comes to the kids. Nothing is more important than them.

I hate to say it, but so far, it doesn’t seem like Teresa has changed all that much since serving her sentence. Although I can totally see where she’s coming from in not wanting Melissa to visit her, at the end of the day, it’s still kind of petty. It really is a shame that these two women can’t move on in their relationship and wholeheartedly trust one another.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that when Teresa gets out at the end of the year, her relationship with Melissa (as well as other aspects of her life) will be different, and they’ll have a solid foundation from which they can continue to build and set a great example for their kids. But, if I’m being honest, I kind of doubt it. So, let’s at least hope for more family beach trips. How bad can those be, right?

Would you want Melissa visiting you if you were Teresa?

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