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Little Women: LA fans are split on Briana and Matt

Little Women‘s Briana has had a tough time getting her friends and family to accept her fiancé, Matt — and it’s no wonder, considering the guy has a criminal record. This week, after being confronted with even more evidence against him, fans seem to be torn on whether or not Briana should ditch him.

Briana’s battle to get her friends and family to accept Matt is far from over on Little Women: LA, especially after watching her being confronted with more evidence. In fact, this guy is so bad that Terra claims he was sending photos of his erection to other women. Should Briana ditch him? Fans seem to be torn over the subject.

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Little Women Matt, Brianna and Terra

Desperate for love

Oddly enough, Briana doesn’t seem to see any problem with her man sexting other women. Despite sending penis photos to these women, Briana has the “we all make mistakes” attitude. And while that may be true, she certainly can’t fault her friends for caring about her well-being. I mean, everyone does make mistakes, but after so many, it becomes obvious to most people that you need to cut your losses. Fans can’t seem to understand what kind of hold Matt has on Briana. Check out some of the buzz on social media:

Little Women LA

Mind your own darn business

While, yes, we can definitely see why folks are showing concern for Briana, she is also a grown woman and can handle her own life, no? We get that Terra and the ladies are concerned for her, but that certainly didn’t give Terra the right to cause a scene for the entire party to hear. Nor do we think that Terra should have kept going on and on about it. I mean, Briana did ask her to drop it numerous times, which some of the ladies were fine with, but not Terra. Maybe Terra would have been better off sharing her concern in private and then just being supportive in whatever Briana decided to do. At least, that is what some fans feel, as you can see from these tweets:

Sadly, despite who is right and who is wrong, it looks like Briana and Terra’s friendship could be over now. However, we definitely feel that both sides have great points.

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What do you think Briana should do about Matt? Should she ditch him? Do you think Terra needs to just mind her own business? Comment below and tell us what you think.

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